Friday, January 7, 2011

Top Strategy #6 of 7: Turning Dreams into Reality: Silencing the Gremlins In Your Head

Top Strategy #6:  Silencing the Negative Self-Talk and Destructive Gremlins in Your Head.
If you’ve been following along and completing the steps I’ve outlined, you now have three dreams fleshed out and ready to be realized. Maybe you’ve already aligned all the tools and resources you need, and maybe you’ve even taken your first few steps. It feels so good, doesn’t it?
GOOD: That’s what I want you to sit and feel. How does it feel in your body? Do you have a sense of excitement? I hope so.
Now, I want you to sit with this feeling of “good” because on a day soon, maybe when you’re tired or under the weather, that negative self-talkthe sabotaging, self-confidence-eating Gremlins in your headare going to try to wreak havoc on your dreams. And you need to remember that FEELING of GOOD so you can go back, sit down and re-access it, fill your heart and soul up with it, so the decietful, undermining gremlins of negative self-talk don't defeat you!
If your goal is to lose weight, maybe you’ll slip and have a brownie. That’s all the Gremlin needs to start a self-defeating dialogue with your conscious mind. “See, you can’t do this. Why bother? Really, just have another brownie, or the whole pan for that matter.” And many times, internal self-talk will be harsher than that.
Remember, the only thing you can really control in this world is YOUR THOUGHTS and YOUR ACTIONS. But thoughts drive actions, so it is of utmost importance that when your negative conversation starts to spin, you go to a quiet place and practice overriding that negative conversation with a positive one.
Example: The month of January for me, personally, is overstuffed with big, bold accomplishments I have decided on. It is one month of incredible dedication and focus that I need to give to my business to reach the next level of success, which is what I ardently desire and sincerely believe I am supposed to do.
Yesterday, I found myself thinking, “You’ll never get this all done.” But because I am practiced at overcoming negative self-talk, my inner voice of self-parenting kicked in, beat the negative talk and emotions away, and replied, “Kathleen, this is going to be such an amazing, wonderful month. I am so excited! And when this month is complete you are going to be so ecstatic! And as a reward, make a plan to get away for a few days in the beginning of February as a celebration of all that you are going to accomplish!”
What am I going to do? Make reservations for the spa I love in Connecticut! No baby, no dogs, no noise!
If you need some help with this, and that begins with writing positive affirmations, go to my website at and download my Affirmations Guide & Worksheet. It’s free and will help you develop positive statements to override habitual negative self-talk.
Tune in tomorrow for Top Strategy #7: Clap Your Hands Three Times if You Believe!

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