Saturday, January 8, 2011

Top Strategy #7 of 7: Turning Dreams into Reality--How to Believe You Will

Top Strategy #7: Clap Your Hands Three Times if You Believe!
I began this week’s blog series, Top 7 Strategies for Narrowing the Gap between Dreams and Reality, with a quote from Paul J. Meyer. I repeat it here, as it is the crux of turning dreams into reality.
“Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe and enthusiastically act upon…must inevitably come to pass.”
Up until this point, we have focused on identifying dreams and turning them into desired results as SMART goals. We’ve also broken down the steps necessary to achieve the chosen goals, so that you can start to take positive action and steps without being overwhelmed and discouraged. This is the ACT part of Paul J. Meyer’s quote. And continuing to take all the steps required is the continuation of the action necessary to make your dreams inevitably come to pass.
We’ve also touched on “what you sincerely believe” in our discussions on your internal dialogue and the reprogramming of your negative thinking into positive thinking. If you don’t believe you can ride a bike, you will not be able to ride a bike. You must believe that it is possible and you must believe it with all your heart. I am not talking about WISHING; I am talking about believing. And if you don’t believe that the dream or dreams you’ve identified will happen, then I’m telling you right now, they will not.
The Affirmations Guide & Worksheet on my website will help your mind begin to believe if you currently don’t. But if you’re deciding to attain dreams because you think you should, or someone else thinks you should, you are not going to be successful. I recommend abandoning such dreams for others that are truly yours and in which you sincerely believe. Please get your free worksheet at
One topic we have not discussed is visualization. “What you vividly imagine…” 
When I think about my life and the journey I am on, I can actually see myself at the end, where the dream goal is real—so real I could reach out and touch it. I can see myself looking out onto the ocean from my home office window. I know exactly what that room looks like. And when I go shopping for my last house, that room will be in it. This I believe. I have seen it. I ardently desire it! I see myself running my business ten years from now, I know what it provides me and I have no doubt that it will be exactly that successful, or even more so. I have no doubts about what my future holds, because I can see it and I believe it to be true.
When we began the process of awakening your Dream Genie, chances are you began to see with your mind’s eye a picture of that goal being achieved; maybe it was clear, maybe fuzzy. Your last step to dream realization is to visualize every day, as often as you can, yourself at the point where your dream is realized. This will inevitably come to pass. It is destined to be. If you believe, clap your hands three times and begin.
It has been such a blessing to share this series with you. I look forward to posts regarding this blog and to hearing about your success. I’m also happy to answer any questions if you have them.

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