Thursday, January 6, 2011

Top Strategy 4 of 7: Collecting the Tools You Need For Dream Fulfillment

Top Strategy #4: Collecting the Tools and Resources You Need for Dream Attainment.
OK! We’re making progress! You’ve awoken you inner Dream Genie. You’ve reviewed you Master Dream List. You’ve evaluated your dreams to see if they are short or long term. And you’ve transferred two short-term 90-day dreams and one long-term yearlong dream into the SMART goal format.
And most importantly, you've discovered your BIG WHY--your important, passionate reasons for why this dream/goal must be achieved!
Top Strategy #4:
Now it’s time to review and align the tools and resources you need to achieve your SMART goal.
1.       If your dream goal is not SMART, you may want to put it away for now and choose another dream goal to focus on for the time being.
2.       If your dream is SMART, great! Let’s make a list of all the tools and resources you need.
a.       Which resources and tools are already at your disposal?
b.      What tools and resources do you need to gather?
                                                               i.      Mark down STEP ONE of your goal: gathering all the tools and resources.
3.       If you are trying to quit smoking, one step may be speaking with your doctor and family. These are people who need to know about the goal and can lend you support. You may also need tools, such as an online smoking cessation program, or products like nicotine replacements.
4.       You want to make sure you don’t start down the path of your SMART goal without having the necessary tools and resources. You would not set out for a road trip across the country without your map or GPS, cell phone, supplies, etc. Don’t start your dream attainment unprepared, or chances are you will get lost!
Tune in tomorrow for:
Top Strategy #5: Avoiding Sinkholes and Quicksand on Your Journey to Dream Attainment.

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  1. I completely agree you need your road map as you start on your adventure! Knowing what you want is fantastic, but it is just as important to know how you are going to move from where you currently are towards the goal that you dream of.