Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top Strategy #3: Going the Distance One Baby Step at a Time.

One of the top reasons that people do not attain their desired results is that they become completely overwhelmed by the magnitude of the dream/gaol itself. This is especially true of big, bold, long-term goals with big, wonderful outcomes.
The most effective solution to this challenge is to break down the big goal or results into tiny goals or steps. Then accomplishing the single step becomes the goal or the desired result for any given day, and the feeling of impossibility subtly fades away. Meanwhile, every little step is moving you closer to the attainment of the ultimate goal and dream you desire.  How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.
Let’s go back to weight loss. It can be overwhelming to think about losing a lot of weight. “How will I ever do that? It’s impossible? Why even try?” This is the negative self-talk that should be your trigger to "break it down" into small, attainable actions--itsy, bitsy baby steps!
Let's say you have to lose 25 lb., let's break it down into the weight you want to lose every week, realistically and healthily, then all of a sudden it is manageable. So, let’s say that to be healthy you desire to lose 1–2 pounds a week. Now that is doable. That is a goal you can accomplish in 12 weeks if you're dedicated. And that will move you forward. Doing this process with any goal is the key to its attainment. 
So get started breaking down each of your selected dream goals into steps. And put in every step, no matter how small. Then start to review those steps as the active goal of the moment. Ahh…doesn’t that feel better?
Tune in tomorrow for Top Strategy #4: Collecting the Tools and Resources You Need for Dream Attainment.

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