Friday, January 28, 2011

The Role of Self-Confidence in TRUE Life Fulfillment: Part 3/6 today.

Part 3: The Role of Self-Confidence in Achieving TRUE Life Fulfillment
On Day 1, I redefined the meaning of life fulfillment. (See Day 1 in this series.)
TRUE life fulfillment: A state in which a human being, having developed the full potentialities of all his or her talents and abilities, is fully realized and complete.
On Day 2, we examined self-esteem as the #1 building block to achieving TRUE life fulfillment.
BUILDING BLOCK #2: Self-Confidence
Self-esteem is our opinion of ourselves. As an opinion, it is a thought; it is what we believe, at the core of our being, to be true about ourselves. If self-esteem is low in any area of our lives, our beliefs about our capabilities in that area need to be reprogrammed to more positive, affirming beliefs.
Once self-esteem is at a healthy level in an area of our lives, we can then start to build self-confidence in that area, too. Self-confidence CANNOT be built without self-esteem. Self-esteem is like the blood pumping to the muscles of self-confidence. Without it, no muscles can be built.
Just like your body’s muscles, self-confidence is built by taking action. It is best built in baby steps. It is no different than working out at the gym. You don’t go to the gym one day, work out like a maniac, and walk out a body builder. You start slow, building up your endurance. As you gain strength, you increase the weights and the intensity of the workouts. Over time you build muscle. It is exactly the same with self-confidence. One step of achievement fuels you on to take the next step and then the next until your self-confidence in the area you are focusing on is mastered.
Self-esteem creates the THOUGHT that we can do a task. Self-confidence creates the muscles to actually do it. Now that you are in action, movement in your life is possible. Without action, you are stagnant and your life goes nowhere. With movement you will start to propel your life. Now you just need a clear direction…oh, and a few other things!
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 Part 4: The Role of Courage in TRUE Life Fulfillment
To your TRUE success!
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