Friday, January 28, 2011

The Role of Courage in TRUE Life Fulfillment: Part 4/6 today

Part 4: The Role of Courage in TRUE Life Fulfillment

On Day 1 in this blog series, I redefined the meaning of life fulfillment.
TRUE life fulfillment: A state in which a human being, having developed the full potentialities of all his or her talents and abilities, is fully realized and complete.
On Day 2, we examined self-esteem as the NUMBER ONE building block to achieving TRUE life fulfillment. On Day 3, we examined building block NUMBER TWO, self-confidence.
Once self-esteem and self-confidence are at healthy levels, you will notice yourself feeling…BRAVE! Oh, my gosh! That is such a great feeling! It may sneak up on you, tugging you here and there, until one day a situation arises and you stand up and speak your mind—calmly, intelligently and respectfully—to someone, or to a group of someones who don’t know you from Adam and have entirely different opinions than you.
Maybe you’ll see an employee being unfairly treated and you’ll speak up.
Maybe you’ll make a bold decision in your business, or maybe you’ll perk up your resume and start sending it out. No longer are you a prisoner to “steady and reliable.” You’re making decisions and making moves, even if it’s a little scary. And when that new job comes in, handing you a signing bonus and a big raise or when that new business venture takes off and your revenues skyrocket, you’ll be skyrocketing too!
Self-esteem is the thought that you can do it. Self-confidence is the muscle to take the action. And courage is an outcome of actions and the self-confidence muscles you have built. You’re grounded, and that’s because you’ve also worked on building block NUMBER FOUR: core values.
Wait for my next blog in one hour:
Part 5: How Your Core Values Drive TRUE Life Fulfillment
To your TRUE success!
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