Monday, January 31, 2011

Part 5: Mining for the Truth and Identifying the Lies.

Part 5: Mining for the Truth and Identifying the Lies.

We just finished talking about and exploring how you can begin building your self-esteem by determining what the truth is about your capabilities and a given situation.  This we will also refer to as challenging the accuracy of your thoughts.  In any situation in which you feel inadequate, you need to stop and take an accurate assessment of your abilities and status.

For instance, a young woman believes she is fat. She’s not just saying it for attention, she believes it. In fact, she obsesses over it. Looking at her, you note that she is not heavy. In fact she is extremely thin.  How do you help her begin to see the truth about her true weight?

Idea 1. Go online and enter her weight and height.  Show her where she falls in the medical categories.  Show her where she falls on the BMI…is she normal, underweight?  By showing her true guidelines, you may begin to help her accept her weight as ideal or identify dangers of eating disorders.

Idea 2.  Get a huge sheet of mural paper.  Have her lay down, and trace her outline. Hang it up.  Without any photo of herself, she sees a physical form.  Is it fat, thin, average?  Seeing her form separated from a personal physical reflection can be a powerful way to imprint a new, healthier image in her mind. 

Idea 3. Go back to a time when she can identify someone criticizing her body.  When was it? Who said it? What did they say?  Help her think through the person’s capabilities as a judge?  Help her think through that person’s intentions when they said the insult.

Or course someone with a serious eating disorder should be seen by a medical professional and under their care. These are just examples, and they are given as a way for you to outline and find truth about the self-esteem issues you face personally.

Now the fact of the matter is you may very well need to work on some areas.  You may have body image issues because you are indeed overweight and unhealthy.  You may feel unable to do a job because you do not have the proper skills.  Hence, you have a different type of work to do.  But, what we need to focus on is how you can acknowledge where you are right now, accept yourself right now and put a plan in place to help you feel better and better about changes you are going to make tomorrow.

Remember, not actually having the skills or having not yet overcome an obstacle does NOT mean you cannot accomplish the task…it just means that you haven’t as of today and you need a plan to do so.

Tune in shortly for Part 6: Releasing the Belief that Everyone’s Behavior Reflects Back on Us

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