Monday, January 31, 2011

Part 2: Top 3 Most UseLESS Tips on Improving Self-Esteem.

Part 2: Top 3 Most UseLESS Tips on Improving Self-Esteem.

During my recent research, I discovered what I know call the Top 3 MOST USELESS TIPS for improving self-esteem that I came across. Sadly, they were present in nearly every article I researched.

3 UseLESS Tips for Improving Self-Esteem:

1.        Refute Your Inner Voice—Change your outlook on life which includes changing your views on your own persona and that of the other people around you. Do it today!

A:  Ok. So what’s my inner voice exactly and how do I refute it?  And how do I know what my inner voice is saying isn’t true? And what should I refute it with?  Oh…ok, so you just want me to wake up today and have a totally different outlook on myself and others. Sure. That sounds easy. NOT!

2.       Think Positively—Always expect the best and it’s likely to happen.  Keeping a positive attitude and deciding what to do next is most important.

A:  Right. Think positively. Ok, but I don’t have the belief that things will turn out for the best. I don’t believe that to be true.  I always expect the worst to happen, and it usually does. I can’t just pretend everything is FINE when it’s not.  See, I have LOW SELF-ESTEEM…I don’t feel as if I can make positive change or decisions.  In fact, often I can’t make any decisions with any conviction.

3.       Be Assertive and Take Action.

A: Ok.  But you see I have LOW self-esteem…so I cannot be assertive or take action because of the overwhelming fear and anxiety I experience when trying to stand up for myself.  I do not feel confident to taking any step…BECAUSE I HAVE LOW SELF-ESTEEM AND CONFIDENCE!

But, you might be saying to yourself, but these are great ways to improve self-esteem.  Yes, if you can get there and know how to get there.  But in and of themselves, they are useless because they are impossible to achieve without other important steps and self-work being done.  They are all the end result…not the steps you need to take to start the introspective self-work that must come first.

Over the course of today, I will provide you with some REAL solutions you can implement today to help you start understanding your low self-esteem and start planning your strategy for overcoming its severely limiting effects.

Stay tuned…Part 3: How to Refute Your Inner Voice

To your TRUE success!


Kathleen Aston
Founder & Life-Fulfillment Strategist

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