Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Art Of Self-Motivation

PART 1:  I want to share this story with you because it is SUCH A POWERFUL EXAMPLE of the art of self-motivation—motivation to achieve any personal goal you have set for yourself; and the critical necessity for having an important BIG WHY before you set out on any goal.  It is the combination of motivation, a determined mindset—and purpose, the emotional driver that is the key to achieving any goal you deem of value.
Back in January of this year, I participated in the Ultimate 31-Day Blog Challenge.  The challenge was to complete the writing and posting 31 blogs within the 31 days of January. Well, five days before the the final day of the challenge, January 31, I found myself just a tad behind--OK, maybe to some I was hopelessly behind. It's all in your perspective I suppose!
How could I possibly catch up at this point? And why should I try? Herein is the secret to achievement--and it's all about the power of inner motivations.
The difference between those who would be successful in completing the challenge, and those who would not, hinged on two critical elements: 1. each individual’s power of self-motivation and personal sense of accountability; 2. each individual’s “BIG WHY”—the important reason they established for wanting to compete and achieve the goal originally.
So, where was I in all this? Tired, torn, stressed! As the Challenge had begun, I started off strong, writing 8 blogs in 8 days. Wahoo! I was pumped. I patted myself on the back, boosting my confidence and self-esteem. Then…LIFE HAPPENED.
Then I missed Day 9. No big deal right? I could make that up. Then I missed a week. OK, that’s not so good. It would take some doing, but it was still fixable. Then I looked at my calendar…@#$%@!
Yes, to finish, I would have to write 23 blogs in five days.  And being a habitual over-achiever, they would need to be good, not just something slapped together. But how? I had so many other important demands to meet elsewhere. I felt pressured.

I HAD to get this done!
“Why?” my conscious mind retorted “There’s no consequence if you don’t. Take it off your list. You’ve got other important things to do. Let it go.”
“I can’t just let it go...” my inner voice replied…

TOMORROW...Part Two: The Art of Self-Motivation

Here's to your True success,

Kathleen Aston
Founder & Life-Fulfillment Strategist

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