Monday, January 31, 2011

The Price of Procrastination

The Art of Procrastination

Some people have raised procrastination to an art form.  They are so highly skilled at it, that one wonders what need the procrastination fills in the actual procrastinator.

Most often, procrastination is a tool used to put off that which  is unpleasant. But, it can also be a way to put off a task that we do not feel proficient at completing or one that might bring about a sitution that we are not looking forward too.

But sometimes, I believe procrastination can be a method of adding some chaos and excitement to the day. If  we are up against a hard deadline and the task must be completed, leaving it until the last minute can create some excitement, no?  It may not be what others call exciting, but it sure gets the adreneline pumping.

It's a fact that an addition to adreneline can cause people to seek out situations, even negative ones, to keep the excitement flowing.  Some say couples will fight just to keep things exciting, or others create choas from bad choices to keep the blood pumping.

Me? Well I work better under pressure.  It's like the waiters in a restaurant.  Haven't you noticed when a restaurant is slow the service is always poorer than when it is busy?  This never ceases to amaze me. But although I work better under pressure, I usually pre-plan to avoid the stress that goes with waiting until the last minute. 

If you're a procrastinator, it's important to understand why.  Is it poor time management? Is it avoidance? Is it to add a little bit of chaos to your day?  Whatever your answer, examine the toll it takes on your mental energy...especially on all the days leading up to the deadline.  Then look at all the energy it consumes as you try to accomplish the task under pressure. 

Then ask yourself, is it worth it?  If not, find a new way to plan or manage your time, your emotions, or the situation.  I have found if it's procrastination by avoidance, it's almost better to get it done early.  This actually reduces stress, wastes less energy, and frees you up mentally and emotionally to accomplish more of what you love to do.

To your TRUE success!


Kathleen Aston
Founder & Life-Fulfillment Strategist

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