Friday, January 28, 2011

Redefining the Meaning of TRUE Life Fulfillment: Part 1 of 6 today

Part 1: Understanding the True Beauty of Life Fulfillment
So many of us consider life fulfillment to be the point in life where we ourselves feel “fulfilled,” where the needs and desires of our body and soul have been satiated. It is the point in our lives where we could fit no more joy into our hearts, even if we tried.
That certainly is one way to look at it.
But, Merriam-Webster’s dictionary and Rodale’s Synonym Finder have other ideas, as do I. And as your life-fulfillment strategist, I am compelled to share them with you. Their definitions truly define the beauty of a life fulfilled.
According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, “fulfill” is defined as “to make full.” BUT, it is further defined as “3a: to convert into reality; b: to develop the full potentialities of.”
And Rodale’s Synonym Finder suggests for “fulfilled”: 1. Accomplished, achieved, attained, realized, perfected, completed.
Imagine your life fully “realized,” and all your talents and abilities developed to their full potential. What a wonderful, powerful presence and force you would be in the world. To me, having my life reflect this would be TRUE life fulfillment. It would satisfy my desire to be “made full,” but it would also transmit the energy of my fully realized talents to the world with an intention of helping others find their own TRUE life fulfillment.
So here is what I would like you to consider when you dream about being totally fulfilled in life.
TRUE life fulfillment: A state in which a human being, having developed the full potentialities of all his or her talents and abilities, is fully realized and complete.
Isn’t this what we’re all striving for, working for, loving for every day?
Now that we’ve defined it, let’s talk about what that looks like. What are all the components we would have to develop to their “full potentialities” to be on the path to creating a fully realized life?
Wait for my next blog in one hour…
Part 2: The Role of Self-Esteem in Achieving TRUE Life Fulfillment
To your TRUE success!
Kathleen Aston International
Founder & Life-Fulfillment Strategist

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