Friday, January 28, 2011

FINAL Part 6: The FOUR Foundational Pillars of TRUE Life Fulfillment

On Day 1 of this blog series, Understanding the True Beauty of Life-Fulfillment,
I redefined TRUE life fulfillment as: A state in which a human being, having developed the full potentialities of all his or her talents and abilities, is fully realized and complete.
Subsequently, I provided input on how I believe one can become “fully realized” and “complete” by focusing on four foundational pillars of ultimate life success.

The Foundational Pillars:
·         Self-Esteem
·         Self-Confidence
·         Courage
·         Core Values
Today, as we conclude this series, I want to stress the importance of building these foundational pillars and why I believe your success is dependent on them no matter what other personal and business programs you are leveraging to create your life.
As a young woman, I had zero self-esteem, self-confidence and courage. My life was empty, unfulfilling. I dreamed of the life I wanted but was unable to move forward, only sideways, just surviving.
When I stumbled upon “self-help,” it became the balm that soothed the wounds. I “consumed” everything I could get my hands on to improve any part of my life that was lacking. I worked the systems of Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Paul Meyer, Jack Canfield, Wayne Dyer and more. I learned motivation and mastered tools for goal setting and accomplishment, and I went far.
BUT, it was not until my self-esteem was healed and strengthened that my ultimate, unwavering self-confidence and courage were unleashed. At that point, I was able to create ten times the impact of the tools and techniques I already had. Their benefits had been powerful, but nowhere near as powerful as they are today.
Here’s how I see it: All the self-help, self-study and self-improvement tools, techniques and systems were awesome; they were the floors, walls, stairwells and towers of my life house. But my house was still rocky because the foundational pillars were not set and sturdy. So the house stood even though it was not really stable.
Not once did any program I leveraged work to build my inner foundations, first or in tandem. If I had been able to set the foundational pillars earlier, my life house would have had for more color and many more tapestries, finely woven carpets and shiny trinkets, all much sooner in process of building and refining.
Here’s to your TRUE success!
Kathleen Aston International
Founder & Life-Fulfillment Strategist

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