Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Art of Self-Motivation: Part Two of Two

Now, the pressure was on. I would have to write and post 23 blogs in five days in order to complete the challenge…and I had so many other important demands to meet elsewhere. I felt pressured. I had to get this done….
 “Why are you putting all this pressure on yourself?” my conscious mind continued.
“Because I said I would,” my inner voice retorted. “Of course I have to finish.”
And hence, there are the nuts and bolts of it…the essence of my inner motivation, which hinged on one of my core values of integrity.
I’ve mentioned in other blogs that I have a written statement reflecting my core values for each area of my life. One of those areas is “self” and what I expect of myself. Within that core value lies my integrity…and within my integrity lies the idea of always keeping my promises if humanly possible. And that includes promises I make to myself about goals I want to achieve.
So many times, we strive to keep promises to everyone else, but the promises we make to ourselves just fall like leaves to the wayside, hitting the pavement and skittering away as they are blown by the wind. But I have learned to measure my performance by my core values, and if I fall short, it means I am not living by my standards.
The Art of Self-Motivation relies on:
·         Keeping promises made to ourselves
·         Keeping important goals front and center
·         Remembering the WHY of accomplishing the goal
·         Having the determination to finish the steps even when we’re tired

The Power of the BIG Why relies on:
·         Your personal, emotional, big reason for wanting to complete the goal
·         Your complete understanding of the important benefits of achieving the goal
·         Having a personal investment in the outcome of the desired result
Here is my BIG WHY:
1.       In writing all the 31 blogs I will have the opportunity to create important content that I can use to coach, train and help other women achieve a life of ultimate self-esteem, confidence, courage and success.
2.       I can use these materials for further marketing opportunities
3.       I can complete the additional research on and write about key topics that support my business and the women in my influence.
4.   I can increase the awreness of my blog, my website, and gain new influential friends on social media networks.
So, last night I wrote 10 of the 23 blogs I need to complete the Ultimate 31-Blog Challenge by January 31.  I went to bed last night POOPED OUT, but FEELING GREAT. I was doing what I set out to do and moving toward the completion of a big goal.
Today, I feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction as I get closer and closer to completion. Knowing that I will complete the goal, fulfill the promise I made to myself, fuels my self-esteem.
And guess what I’m blogging about today for tomorrow and the days after SELF-ESTEEM, THEN SELF-CONFIDENCE, THEN How Women Entrepreneur’s can Protect their TIME and Energy!  Ok…there’s a lot coming…get ready!
When I finally go to bed tonight, I will be tired. But, it will be a GOOD tired. And tomorrow, I will start again. And I will FINISH! (And, oh...I have the flu.)
Here’s to your TRUE success!
Kathleen Aston International
Founder & Life-Fulfillment Strategist

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