Monday, January 31, 2011

Part 8: Identifying Truth to Create a Positive Thought Process

Part 8: Identifying Truth to Create a Positive Thought Process

We are in the process of creating new, positive thought patterns to replace well-established negative thought patterns that keep you stuck in low self-esteem and create a world filled with anxiety, fear, uncertainty and underachievement. 

And TRUTH is the weapon you need to begin to conquer and slay the negative thoughts that are keeping you a prisoner in a life that does not fulfill you.  So, let’s go find it!

Example: Let’s say you just applied for a job, and you’re anxious and fearful that you will not get the position.  Again, note during this time what your negative thoughts are tell you and where you feel the anxiety in your body.

Maybe your inner voice sounds like this:
1.       I’m never going to get a job.
2.       I don’t think they liked me.
3.       I should have said this instead of that.
4.       Why did I say that? That was stupid.
5.       I should have worn something else.
6.       They knew I was nervous.

Now, let’s ask and answer questions.
1.       Is it true that you’re never going to get a job?
2.       Do you know for a fact that they didn’t like you?
3.       We’re you pleasant and polite?
4.       Are you qualified for the job?
5.       Were you prepared and dressed professionally?
6.       Are you certain they knew you were nervous? And if so, is that a reason for not hiring you or having you back for a second interview?

Hopefully, having gone down this list and answering these questions or ones like them, a new truth will emerge.  When it does, one can then start to create a new positive thought.  When you can create new positive thoughts, anxiety will begin to subside and you will start to feel more optimistic.

Let’s say you answered the questions above well. You are qualified. You were polite and professional, and you handled yourself well.  Here’s how you might want to construct your new thought pattern.

NEW POSITIVE THOUGHT: The TRUTH is I will get a job.  It may not be this job because I cannot control the decisions of others.  But I am pleasant and polite, professional and qualified.  So I may very well get this job.  But if not, I did a good job and as long as I keep putting myself in the right situations, I will soon get the results I need.”

Once you have found the TRUTH…write down a new positive thought.  These can now be used as affirmations that are based on a truth that you yourself uncovered and identified. 

Coming next, Part 9: Five Thinking Patterns That Can Keep You Stuck in Low Self-Esteem

To your TRUE success!


Kathleen Aston
Founder & Life-Fulfillment Strategist

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