Saturday, January 1, 2011

7 Top Strategies for Narrowing the Gap between Dreams and Reality

What you vividly imagine, ardently believe, sincerely desire, and enthusiastically act upon…must inevitably come to pass! --- Paul J. Meyer

Never have I found a statement to be quite as true as the above quote from success and transformation leader, Paul J. Meyer.  It four key elements of visualization, belief, desire and action are the quintessential components that drive the realms of one’s reality and dreams together, fusing them  forever and breathing life into the vapor of a thought that existed at one point as a mere fantasy of consciousness.
It is upon these magnificent four points of visualization, belief, desire and action that I have built these life-changing 7 Top Strategies for Narrowing the Gap between Dreams and Reality.  And over the course of the coming week, I will share with you an overview of each strategy on which you may reflect and digest as you make your passionate plans for your own dream fulfillment in 2011.
As children, we have absolutely no problem envisioning ourselves as Queen of the Castle.  As we bounce around on little feet, we are exuberant and alive with the many dreams we entertain hourly.  We believe, as we are often told, that we can become anything we want.  We are delighted when our parents and adult role models nod at our dreams of being an astronaut or rock star.  We are all in agreement, children and adults alike.
Then something happens.  We start to grow and suddenly our beliefs, that we can be anything, are passively resisted by the adults within our sphere of influence.  We hear phrases such as, “Well, you know, not many people who play music really get to be rock stars. That’s not real life, Sally.  It’s just nice to dream.”
The adult resistance to our higher ideals becomes more aggressive with every birthday that passes. Finally, with a sledgehammer it is hit home: dreams are just that--wild, fun, fantastic daydreams—and nothing more. We are told to be practical. To get our heads out of the clouds. To come back to earth.  And sadly, that is the beginning of the loss of our dream capabilities and our connection to and belief in what is truly possible.
Top Strategy #1:  Reawaken Your Inner Dream Genie Before She Turns to Dust in the Bottle
See you then!

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