Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Journey...Day Two...Affirmations and Day Plan Join in!

Hello sweet souls....
Yesterday I invited you to follow and work along with me on your own affirmations, goals and intentional time management...making sure you've really decided what are your big rocks, your little rocks and your sand...and putting them into your schedule to make sure you accomplish the important rather than just the imperative.

This week, I am reviewing personally my rocks of all sizes and determining how to make sure I address all my professional and business needs on a weekly basis. Start writing down two lists: Long-term important goals (things that move you toward your most important goals)  and short-term imperative goals (things you must get done).  Then think how you might fit all the things you should be doing into your schedule.  I will be posting my Perfect Day/Week tomorrow am.  This way you can see how I am working my time, and then use the same format if you wish.

Today, this is what I need to fit in to my calendar.  These are things that perhaps I'm somewhat doing or should be doing to achieve personal and professional goals.  For me, these items usually fall into self-care, as in my life I tend to put everything else before myself.  I have found that this is a curse that seems to befall women more than men!  But dear men! We'd love to hear from you as well.

Items I will work into my schedule:
1. 3-5 hours of exercise a week
2. Daily meditation time (30 minutes to 60 minutes)
3. Daily gratitude, affirmations, prosperity readings and speaking. (I tend to read my statements out loud as often as I can.)
4. Daily time for bible reading and study. (My personal quest to be closer to God.)
5. Daily planning/tracking and focus on progress.
6. QT with my older daughter on a weekly basis
7. Time for church, friends and family.
8. Reading (1 hour a day)

These are all items that are in conjunction to a full work-week. But I will show you how to make them all fit.  Understand now, that we are planning a PERFECT day/week.  Things come up every day, so we need to stay flexible and agile.  If not we are like stiff branches that will just break when the wind blows. 

Please start making your list!  This will also get you thinking about your goals...as what your putting into your schedule should be leading you to the accomplishment of your personal and professional goals.  Little steps every day to move you forward.  I will proceed adding into my day "things to feast on" and eliminating items I need to "fast from" such as too much TV during the week.  For the most part, I now record my favorite programs and watch them on the weekends and focus on reading Sunday night through Thursday night!  After reading, if I really need to just zone out my brain, I'll turn something on.  Then I really look forward on the weekend nights to watching my favorite shows rather than just junk.

In regards to TV, consider also what you are watching.  I have found over the last four to five years, that watching bloody shows (and sometimes it's hard to find anything but true crime and bloodshed on any channel.) and violence, disturbs my sleep.  Think about that, we're going to sleep with all of that as our last impression for the day.  It's not peaceful or uplifting.  It induces fear and anxiety if not consciously, unconsciously.

One last thing: This morning focus on the progress you made yesterday.  Sometimes we feel we have gotten nothing done in our day, but when we sit and review our day, we say, "Wow!"  I did get a lot done.  It makes us mindful of our accomplishments and focuses our mind on the positive.

My progress yesterday:
1. Launched my new Journey blog...looking to help others and build an online community of individuals seeking to take control of their life.
2. Worked on my organization's business plan.  Made major progress.  Gained a lot of clarity on what I'm actually presenting to the world. Hard work, but very worthwhile.
3. Completed some imperative client work.  Reduced anxiety as I had been procrastinating.  (We'll look at this issue later...but procrastination is a major component in anxiety and depression, as is perfectionism!)
4. Spent QT with youngest daughter.
5. Schedule time to help my older daughter plan her business.
6. Scheduled time to make personal and business calls.
7. Ate well and stayed on my healthy food plan. Weighed in so I could get a realistic baseline. When I do my SMART goal to share with you, you will see I want to lose 11 pounds in order to reach the ideal weight. That is the weight at which I feel my best.

What was your progress?  List it out and be amazed.  If you're not amazed....you need to examine that.  Try to accomplish today just three basic things you need to get done.  That will fuel you to do more and more each day.  It will improve your confidence and feelings of self-worth.

If you're following, please make sure you add FOLLOW and be sure to let us know HOW YOU ARE DOING! Remember, this is for us to share our ideas and goals and get support from one another!

In light, love and laughter,


  1. My goals:

    Exercise 3-4 times a week for at least an hour each time.

    Prepare a wellness session for the Connecticut Counseling Association conference

    Stay on top of RIMACA (an association I'm working on creating)

    Daily Bible reading/study time

    Stay connected to my husband through dates, consistent communication, etc.

    THROW OUT STUFF! As I move into my new house, I want to declutter as much as possible.

    Take time for creativity- taking pictures, quilting, cross-stitch, etc at least 1 hour a week.

    There's my starting point...

  2. Oh! And :

    write/journal at least 10 minutes every day

    Post one blog a week