Tuesday, October 26, 2010

God and Grammer: Typos and the Devil

Late, Morning Musing (1 minute until high noon!) Yesterday, in my morning inspiration, I put out a Morning Musing to all my social media friends.  I felt inspired, typed quickly and pushed SEND. Yes, I thought,  Discouragement is Satan's Sharpest Tool. I felt better, having felt discouraged myself that morning.

That feeling of betterment was short lived for unfortunately, I had typed, "Satin" instead of Satan. It was brought to my attention gently by my Facebook friend, Kerstin S.

Kerstin: "How can Satin be bad? It's so soft and silky." Wink

What? I opened up my Facebook.

Well, she had me there.  Nothing bad about satin, except that it is not machine washable.  Or, not in my washing machine at least.

I thanked her for catching my blunder and quickly went to correct it everywhere I could.  Then I went to meditate and pray to calm myself since I was now hyperventilating over the typo.  A big blotch on my pale forehead!  I breathed...one, two, three, four...hold...out one, two, three, four...

Thought: This is how Satan undermines our messages!  Through typos!

Let's face it.  We can write the most brilliant musing, insight, or quote...but if we have just one typo...it's all lost. The reader can't really enjoy or catch our real message, because their mind has been snagged by the typo.

What have I learned?  I need a process for my Morning Musings...and all my blogs.  I can't do all that work for nadda, and neither can you.

So next time someone helps you out by pointing to the TYPO in your work, just nod and reply...
"The devil made me do it."

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